iPhone keyboard shortcuts stopped working on iOS 6, here's the fix

November 19 2012 ·

So my iPhone 4S's keyboard shortcuts stopped working in iOS 6. By stopped working, I mean I can't seem to create new shortcuts, or delete existing ones. Also, those created on my iPad don't sync with my iPhone. The fix is strange:

  1. Go to Settings -> General -> Reset.
  2. Tap "Reset Keyboard Dictionary". (Actually, I have no idea if this step is needed. Try Step 3-4 first. If it doesn't work, then try again from Step 1)
  3. Then, go to Settings -> Safari -> AutoFill.
  4. Tap "Clear All".

After this, the shortcuts I previously created during the bug showed up and the shortcuts I deleted disappeared. They also successfully synced via iCloud onto my iPad almost immediately.

That's a strange way to fix this bug. In fact, that's the strangest bug-fix I've ever encountered.

Source: Apple Support Communities: keyboard shortcuts no longer work after upgrade to ios 6

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